Purchase Prints

All of my prints are made with an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer using Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper. I believe this combination makes for stunning prints that will last decades, if not a century or more. I sign all my prints just below the image on the right side with a pigment ink pen and include an information sheet about the picture—where it was photographed, technical data (if recorded) and any other pertinent background that a buyer might find interesting.


To order a print, send me an email and tell me which image you want and what size. I will reply as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours, to set up payment.


Email me here.


The print sizes listed to the right are approximate. I crop my images depending on a number of compositional factors with no consideration of how close they come to fitting standard print sizes. Some are square, some are rectangular. I've listed the exact image size with each picture and you can see that when you order the print.


Under most circumstances, I'm able to print and mail orders within a week of receiving them. If there's a delay in that, I will use the email address you provide when you order to let you know of an estimated shipping date. In any case, you will receive an email acknowledging your order. Prints are delivered unmounted via UPS. The smaller sizes are sent flat, while the 19"x24" and 23"x30" sizes are sent in tubes.


There's no charge for delivery within the United States, however, for foreign orders, there's a $25 charge to cover the extra expenses involved in shipping abroad.


I accept PayPal and credit card payments only.




7"x10"    $50


10"x14"  $100


15"x20"  $250


19"x24"  $550


23"x30"  $1,200